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Welcome to the ultimate destination for all your French Bulldog puppy needs, The track record of BESTIES FRENCHIES is unparalleled. Our experience, vision, and passion combine harmoniously to make us one of the best dog breeders. We are completely familiar with the different types of French Bulldog breeds. 100% customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority. We follow ethical breeding practices at our farm and kennel to deliver healthy and good mannered puppies for our customers. We are known for and are proud of maintaining open lines of communication with our customers and welcome your feedback. You can contact our website if you want to buy the best puppies for sale online. BESTIES FRENCHIES offers smart, beautiful, intelligent and cheap puppies for sale. Our puppies are extremely healthy with proper body structure. You can buy puppies with a balanced temperament and sound mind. We are deeply committed to offering perfect puppies at highly affordable prices.

Meet Some of Our Adorable Puppies

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Meet Ellie. She is a playful little girl who is always up for an adventure! Be ready for tons of great times with this girl by your side, because she can play with the best of them. You can always count on Ellie to be by your side. She will come up to date on her puppy vaccinations and vet checked. Hurry up and call about Ellie because she is ready for adventure and she wants to be by your side for it all!


Meet Joe! The registered French Bulldog. He is a handsome little Aussie Puppy. His fairy tale dream is waiting to start and she wants you to be by his side for it all. His father is an ACA Confirmation Champion. He will come up to date on his vaccinations and vet checked. Joe is out of health tested parents to ensure happy and healthy babies. Don’t miss out on this great little puppy! he will be a wonderful addition to your home

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"My name is Keely. Fun describes my personality. I can't wait to come home to my forever family! So, I can run around, while you watch or play with me. If you still have your doubts that I'm the puppy for you, then call in and ask about me. I'm a bundle of bubbly puppy love that would love to be your precious baby! I promise to come up to date on my vaccinations. I have plenty of kisses to make your day and soothe away frustrations. My bags are packed and I'm excited to meet you! Hurry and take me home. Your home is where I'm supposed to be!"

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Best French Bulldog Puppies with a healthy body and balanced temperament

We live on a small farm in where our goal is to raise quality puppies. We raise French Bulldog in several colors . All of our puppies are loved and cared for on a daily basis. They are held, cuddled and talked to from the first day they arrive. They are born into a loving family. We want to pass that love on when they leave us to go to their new families. We do not put any of our dogs in small cages suspended off the ground where they never get to run. We believe that is cruel and inhumane. We treat our dogs as part of the family and we want them going to homes where they will continue to get that same undivided love.​So please, before you contact us be prepared for questions from us and feel free to ask us anything you would like to know about our puppies. We believe in bettering the breed standards by only breeding the best, healthiest, and cutest puppies! We put great efforts to ensure that our puppies are healthy and well socialized. Bringing home a new puppy is a wonderful experience involving the whole family, which is why we begin training early to ease the transition to their new home and family.

****Available Puppies****
All of our puppies are Micro-Chipped
All pups are De-wormed 5 out of the 10 weeks they are here with us.
All pups begin their wellness care by getting Nuvet Vitamins daily
All pups receive 1 wellness shot at 7 weeks and if they stay with us longer they will receive their 2nd wellness shot at 10 weeks.
All Puppies go home when the family is most ready for their new arrival-not just because they are 8 weeks old.


Looking for a French Bulldog puppy? You’ve come to the right place! Here at BESTIES FRENCHIES, we’ve been specializing  in tiny French Bulldog puppies for sale Check out our image gallery below to view past and present French Bulldog puppies for sale by BESTIES FRENCHIES!

********Family Owned.********

Our home is family owned, which gives us the capability of maintaining the quality of our puppies and customer support at the highest level possible. We spend a minimum of 8-10 weeks with your new puppy before they are placed in your home. We have a unique way of acclimating our puppies to the outdoors. We have an abundance of puppy toys that they play with daily.

Thanks For Visiting  BESTIES FRENCHIES. For years now we strive to produce the most-healthy and fun-loving Miniature & Standard French Bulldog Puppies for pets. We are looking for responsible people to take one of our French Bulldog Puppies into their home so as to love them and spoil them with all their needs. We take upon ourselves on giving our French Bulldog Pup owners as much support as they want or need in taking care of the puppy. We are dedicated to a continuous effort to obtain a more perfect French Bulldog Puppies meeting the breed standards, conformation, health, and temperament are our priorities. We hope that you can find your next companion/family member at our farm. To be able to share the affection of such beautiful and smart little creatures is a blessing. We are very concerned about the type of homes our puppies will be going to as they are our major concern. Breeding these amazing puppies isn’t just for the profit as we refuse to give our puppies out to middlemen (brokers) or unskilled or wannabe breeders. Our puppies are meant to go to great families willing to share their space and hearts with our babies and we find so much joy in reading the testimonial of satisfied clients knowing our clients are satisfied that our puppies meet or exceed their expectations is ecstatic, a feeling we can only describe as fulfillment as our client satisfaction is second only to breeding healthy puppies on our list of priorities. Being very attached to our puppies makes raising them so much fun but makes finding the right home for them very difficult as we are very careful not to let them fall into the wrong hands. We understand that getting a new puppy as an addition to your family is a huge decision and step, while you go through our website and decide which of our puppies you would like to re-home, we would ask that you do research on the breed just so you are fully aware of the position you will be assuming. You should be fully aware that they will need your care and protection. It is important for us that your puppy is loved and treated as a member of your family. We take great pride in what we do, and we have worked very hard to raise only the top-notch pups possible. Potential buyers need to realize the responsibility of caring for a pup involves providing a safe, clean, healthy and loving home. Each pup needs to be fed a proper diet and needs to be held and played with daily.

 Thanks for reading and have a nice time on our website.

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*Sex: Male
Registered ,1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee, Shots Up To Date With Complete Health Papers, leash , Toys , very adaptable to new environment ,ET.



*Sex: Male
Registered ,1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee, Shots Up To Date With Complete Health Papers, leash , Toys , very adaptable to new environment ,ET.

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About French Bulldog Breed

The French Bulldog is a sturdy little Bulldog with large, erect, rounded, bat ears, a flat, powerful muzzle and a pug nose. The skin is soft and fairly loose, making the dog very pleasant to pet. The square flat head is not as massive as the English Bulldog’s, the forehead is rounded. It has the appearance of an active, intelligent, muscular dog of heavy bone, smooth coat, compactly built and of medium or small structure.

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Producing exotic and rare colored french bulldog puppies: blue, blue fawn, blue brindle, blue and tan, blue pied, lilac and tan, lilac pied, lilac brindle, platinum, merle, black and white, black, fawn, red, brindle pied, chocolate, chocolate pied, chocolate brindle, solid blue, solid lilac, isabella and champagne colors.

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We offer 24/7 support to all of our customers, for all our puppies, for life!

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Want a French Bulldog puppy? These breeders have some of the cutest, smartest puppies around. If you're in need for an adorable addition to your family that will be loyal and loving then look no further than these pups!

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French bulldogs are one of the most adorable dogs around, especially when they've been given enough attention. They're loyal, devoted, and energetic companions. Their personality and mellow temperament may make them ideal friends for children. Frenchies are funny, loving, and attentive pets that are also gorgeous.

That is why we go above and beyond to ensure that you feel secure in your Frenchie For Sale choice. We collaborate with breeders who maintain high standards of excellence. Our French Bulldog pups are adored by Frenchie enthusiasts and famous personalities throughout the United States, for good reason, and you will too.


We are breeders who love Frenchies and whose main goal is to raise happy and healthy puppies. We go the extra mile to make sure you are well informed and prepared for your new furry family member, so that you will have a long and happy future together. Our dogs are part of our family and we raise our puppies to be a part of yours.

Available Pups
We have blue, lilac, isabella frenchies and fluffy french bulldog puppies available now. We have both boys and girls avaialble now.  Our Frenchies come with full AKC Registration and a clean bill of health. They are raised in a loving and caring home with small children. Our babies are ready to bring joy to their new homes!