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French Bulldogs are one of the more popular dog breeds in the United States. Despite their name, they come from England, not France, and have been bred to be companion animals for several hundred years. Frenchies have the characteristic short muzzles of bulldogs, but are smaller than their traditional Bulldog counterparts. They are very playful and affectionate in nature, and love to be near their people. French Bulldogs, which tend to be no larger than 28 lbs. in adulthood, are adaptable to both small and large spaces, and are devoted pets to individuals and families.

French Bulldog puppies are some of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Despite their name, French Bulldog puppies actually come from England, where they were bred as since the turn of the century. Short, compact and smushed-faced (Brachycephalic) , French Bulldog puppies look as silly as they act. Known as the clowns of the canine world, French Bulldog puppies are not just affectionate and cute, they are downright adorable and absolutely crave human affection.

Though French Bulldogs are remarkably easy to love, there are some things you should know before you head out looking for French Bulldog puppies for sale. As Brachycephalic dogs (smushed-face), French Bulldog puppies are sensitive to heat and prone to a number of health issues. As bulldogs, French Bulldog Puppies are characteristically stubborn, which may complicate the training process. Though not large compared to many breeds, French Bulldogs are stout, compact and powerful. They also need exercise to keep their figure.

French Bulldog puppies are also incredibly playful and affectionate in nature - they simply love being around people. They’re surprisingly versatile and adaptable to a range of home environments and living situations - they even love kids and get along well with other dogs. When it comes to care, French Bulldog puppies are easy - all they need is a nutritious diet, regular exercise and a loving family to shower them in praise and attention.

If you’re looking for a stout, friendly, affectionate family companion, then a French Bulldog puppy is the best choice for your family. They even come in a wide variety of coat colors and patterns. There are so many wonderful French Bulldog puppies for sale that you may need some help finding the best French Bulldog puppy for your family. The best way to find the perfect French Bulldog puppy for sale is to speak with a BESTIES FRENCHIES concierge today.


The French Bulldog’s expression seems glum, but the tiny canine is sweet, affectionate and downright hilarious. Standing calf-high and touting a pair of bat-like ears, Frenchies sport a look that is unmistakable and irresistible.

Frenchies are friendly, intelligent and surprisingly adaptable, having found their way into the hearts of urban-dwellers the world over. The Frenchie’s versatile nature makes it the perfect family dog; they get along well with children and pets, and rarely bark.

Frenchies are such good pets that owners can hardly resist describing them in excruciatingly affectionate details. Five minutes with this pooch and you’ll understand why Frenchies are one of the most popular dogs in the world.

French Bulldogs need to be taken on long walks daily. Running around freely in a big fenced lawn is insufficient to please their instinct to stroll. Owners should also be aware that this breed is not good with high levels of heat due to the low level of their muzzle. They can experience breathing difficulty during extreme high-

French Bulldog puppies are certainly adorable, but they can be a handful for new owners. Prospective Frenchie owners should do their research so they know what to expect prior to welcoming one home.

French Bulldog puppies can be adorable little tyrants, and generally need more care and attention when they are very young. For this reason, reputable breeders avoid releasing Frenchie puppies before they are 9 or 10 weeks old. The extra time spent with their mother and littermates helps to instill the proper behavior toward people and other dogs.

Your Frenchie puppy will require near constant supervision for the first few weeks. Frenchie puppies are inquisitive by nature and will eagerly explore their new environment. Like all young puppies, Frenchies learn by putting things in their mouths.

To ensure your puppy does not stick its nose where it shouldn't, new owners should ensure their home is thoroughly puppy proofed before introducing their new puppy.

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